Focus4 2E Unit Test Reading Unit2 GroupA

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  2. Diana Vovk
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UNIT TEST 2 ● GROUP A Dictation, Listening and Reading Reading – I thought that church with the spire was All 3 Read two texts about weddings. For questions Saints', and I was at the door at half-past eleven to 1-5, choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D. a minute as you said. I waited till a quarter to twelve, and found then that I was in All Souls'. But I ALL SAINTS' AND ALL SOULS' wasn't much frightened, for I thought it could be tomorrow as well.’ ‘Shall it be tomorrow, Frank?’ On a week-day morning a small congregation, she asked. ‘Tomorrow! I don't go through that consisting mainly of women and girls, rose from its experience again for some time’. knees in the church called All Saints'. They were about to disperse, when a smart footstep, entering ‘But after all,’ she expostulated in a trembling the porch and coming up the central passage, voice, ‘the mistake was not such a terrible thing! arrested their attention. Everybody looked. A young Now, dear Frank, when shall it be?’ ‘Ah, when? cavalry soldier in a red uniform strode up the aisle, God knows!’ he said, and turning from her walked with an embarrassment which was only the more rapidly away. marked by the determination upon his face to adapted by Pearson show none. A slight flush mounted his cheek but he never paused till he came close to the altar railing. 1 When the soldier entered the church, Here for a moment he stood alone. A he tried unsuccessfully to hide his emotions. ‘Tis a wedding!’ murmured some of the women, B the women and girls were waiting for him. brightening. ‘Let's wait!’ The majority again sat C the first thing everyone noticed was his uniform. down. There was a creaking of machinery with D he soon stopped feeling embarrassed. a quarter-jack and small bell beneath it, the automaton being driven by the same clock 2 While the soldier was waiting in the church, machinery that struck the large bell in the tower. A the church was completely silent except for the The jack had struck half-past eleven. ‘Where's the bell. woman?’ whispered some of the spectators. The B the noise level in the church steadily increased. young sergeant was as silent as he was still. The C the women were watching his face all the time. silence grew to be a noticeable thing as the D he stood completely still. minutes went on, and nobody else appeared, and not a soul moved. 3 The woman felt most frightened when she A realised she was in the wrong church. The rattle of the quarter-jack again, its blows for B saw the expression on Frank’s face. three quarters, caused many of the congregation to C was waiting in the middle of the square. start that artificial coughing which betrays a D arrived at All Souls’ church. nervous suspense. But the soldier never moved. There he stood, upright as a column, his cap in his hand. The clock ticked on. The women threw off DON'T SPOIL YOUR BIG DAY their nervousness, and giggling became more Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your frequent. Then came a dead silence. Everyone was life but it can also be one of the most stressful and waiting for the end. The sergeant had not yet expensive days too. How can you make sure your turned; every woman in the church was waiting to wedding day is unforgettable for the right reasons? see his face, and he appeared to know it. At last he Firstly, consider your budget carefully. Yes, a wedding did turn, and stalked resolutely down the nave, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience but you don’t want braving them all. to be paying for it for the rest of your life. The most Opposite the church was a paved square. The important thing is that it is the day when two people young man on leaving the door went to cross the who love each other are joined together as one. That square, when, in the middle, he met a woman. The will happen whether you have a small party in your expression of her face, which had been one of home town for your immediate family and close intense anxiety, sank at the sight of his nearly to friends or if you get married on a Caribbean beach. terror. ‘Well?’ he said. ‘O, Frank – I made a mistake Secondly, the more special and unique your wedding © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 4 SECOND EDITION (B2/B2+)

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UNIT TEST 2 ● GROUP A Dictation, Listening and Reading day is, the more can go wrong. In your local town, you will probably know caterers, photographers and DJs who you can trust. All the people on your guest list will be able to afford to come. Things may go wrong but they won’t be major disasters and will be the sort of things you can laugh at in the future. If you travel somewhere exotic, you may have delayed or cancelled flights, upset stomachs or extreme weather conditions that could completely ruin your big day. Special friends may not be there because of the cost or lack of time. Whatever you decide, make sure it is a joint decision. Both sets of parents can be consulted for advice, especially if they are paying for it. However, it isn’t their day and they shouldn’t dictate to the bride and groom who is going to be invited or any other details. Finally, your wedding is the first day of your married life. Whatever happens, try to enjoy it. 4 According to the writer, getting married abroad A makes the day more special. B is too expensive for most people. C can cause more problems than a local wedding. D gives the day more meaning than a local wedding. 5 Overall, the writer’s opinion could be summed up by saying: A The day is special because you are getting married. B People worry too much about their wedding day. C The more the wedding costs, the more special the day is. D You can reduce the stress by letting others make decisions for you. /10 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 4 SECOND EDITION (B2/B2+)