Focus4 2E Unit Test Dictation Listening

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UNIT TEST 2 ● GROUP A Dictation, Listening and Reading Name: ____________________________________ Listening Class: ____________________________________ 2 [Track 5] You will hear an interview with a Total: _ /30 marriage guidance counsellor. Choose the correct answer, A, B, C or D. Dictation 1 When Melanie hears about the article criticising 1 [Track 4] Listen and write the sentences you hear, marriage counselling, she including the punctuation. A knows who wrote it. B says it is common opinion. C can’t believe someone thinks like that. D sympathises with the writer. 2 Melanie says the main reason why people need a counsellor is A a disagreement over spending. B failing to share housework duties. C a lack of communication. D watching too much television. 3 Melanie says that, during meetings, she should definitely avoid A taking sides in arguments. B upsetting emotional customers. C interrupting the customers. D asking too many questions. 4 According to the expert, problems before marriage can A cause problems during the wedding reception. B lead to conflict between the two sets of in-laws. C prevent the wedding taking place. D affect the couple's married life. 5 The programme is about A the role of marriage guidance counsellors in solving problems. B the skills needed to become a marriage guidance counsellor. C how to solve problems in a marriage without going to a counsellor. D how to identify couples who are in need of /10 counselling. /10 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 4 SECOND EDITION (B2/B2+)