Focus3 2E Unit Test 1


UNIT TEST 1 ● GROUP A Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar Name: ____________________________________ Class: ____________________________________ Listening Total: _ /30 2 [Track 3] Listen to Martin and Jenny. For sentences 1–5 choose True or False. Put a [X] in the Dictation right place in the table. 1 [Track 2] Listen and write the sentences you hear, T F including the punctuation. 1 Martin is surprised that he will study with people that he knows. 2 Martin is worried that he will lose contact with people if he moves away. 3 Jenny agrees that Martin should stay and study in his home town. 4 Jenny thinks it would be hard for Martin to make new friends. 5 Jenny went out with Kevin Sampson for a long time. /10 /10 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 3 SECOND EDITION (B1/B1+)

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