Focus2 Unit8 GroupA


UNIT TEST 8 ● GROUP A Vocabulary, Grammar and Use of English Name: __________________________________ Grammar Class: __________________________________ 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form Total: _____ _ /30 of the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Perfect or Past Simple. Vocabulary 0 He had lost (lose) a lot of weight before he went on holiday. 1 Complete the sentences with the words in the box. There are two extra words. 1 I didn’t have to do my homework yesterday because I _________________ (do) it before. appetite attack breathe cough 2 Before she ________________ (go) to bed, she keep throat take faint checked her phone for messages. 3 When Mary was at school today, she was very 0 I’m not hungry – I’ve lost my appetite. tired because she __________________ (not 1 I’ve felt awful since last week. I’ve had a sore sleep) well. ___________ and runny nose. 4 The physiotherapist pressed my shoulder and 2 Now _____________ in and out for me. ________________ (ask) me how it felt. 3 Ear thermometers can ___________ your 5 How many tennis matches ________________ temperature in seconds! (you / lose) by the time you won your first? 4 Have you got any ideas on how I can ________ /5 fit? 5 Call an ambulance! I think he’s having a heart 4 Complete the second sentence so that it has a _____________! similar meaning to the first. /5 0 ‘I am asthmatic,’ Pascal said. Pascal said that he was asthmatic. 2 Complete the sentences with the correct form 1 ‘I don’t know much about badminton,’ he said. of the words in CAPITALS. He said that ___________________________ 0 What can I use to purify the air in my home? ______________________________________. PURE 2 ‘I can drive you to the health centre,’ my mum 1 The ___________________ of a new health said. centre has begun. CONSTRUCT My mum told me that ____________________ 2 If someone you know needs help, you should ______________________________________. be ___________________. SUPPORT 3 ‘We’ve been to the swimming pool,’ they said. 3 ___________________ protection is They said that __________________________ important if we want to save the planet. ______________________________________. ENVIRONMENT 4 ‘They didn’t understand the results of the 4 You need to make an _____________________ tests,’ Ann told her friend. to see a doctor. APPOINT Ann told her friend that __________________ 5 We’re all excited about the ________________ ______________________________________. of a water park in our town. CREATE 5 ‘I’m waiting for the nurse,’ he said. He said that ____________________________ /5 ______________________________________. /5 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 2 SECOND EDITION (A2+/B1)

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