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UNIT TEST 7 ● GROUP B planning a holiday, probably to New York, where Reading Dawn had always wanted to go. What about 1 Read the text. Choose the correct answer, A, B, work? Derek, who was a driver, said he planned to C or D. stop soon and was looking forward to spending more time at home with Dawn, who had already One Thursday night Derek Ladner, 57, was retired. watching a film with his wife, Dawn, 60, when he remembered he hadn’t checked the lottery ticket which he’d bought the day before. He used to buy 1 The numbers Derek chose were a ticket regularly, every Wednesday and every A special to him. Saturday, and he played the same numbers – a B changed regularly. combination of his birthday and his wife’s. When C shown on TV. the film had finished, he found the ticket and D hard to remember. discovered that every number matched. He couldn’t believe it. He’d won! 2 On Thursday night, Derek The next morning, they discovered that they A thought about his birthday. weren't the only people who had chosen the B celebrated a birthday. same numbers. Altogether there were five C didn’t know about the other winners. winning tickets for almost 2.5 million pounds. D was happy to win 2.5 million pounds. Each ticket won nearly half a million pounds. Derek and Dawn were naturally delighted and 3 Derek won nearly one million pounds because excited – who wouldn’t be? he Over the next few days, Derek and Dawn started A wanted to buy two tickets for Wednesday. thinking about what they would do with their B forgot about buying an earlier ticket. money. They decided not to make any quick C didn’t remember to buy a ticket. decisions. D bought the usual number of tickets. A week later, they had another surprise – Derek found something in his wallet. It was another 4 Derek and Dawn lottery ticket. At first he was rather confused, and A are not going to make any changes. then he remembered! That Wednesday, he had B are planning to buy a new house. bought not one, but two tickets. The second one C are thinking of travelling. had been a mistake – he’d forgotten about the D have already given up their jobs. first one! That’s right – the second ticket had the same numbers as the first ticket. Two tickets 5 The writer seems to meant twice as much money! A think Derek is very strange. The story was talked about everywhere. It was the B think they should spend more money. first and only time anyone had bought two C admire Derek and Dawn. winning tickets on the same day. They had now D pay a lot of attention to the facts of the story. won almost a million pounds – enough money to change their lives. However, Derek and Dawn told /10 reporters that they were not planning any big changes. They said they would spend some money on the house where they lived, but that they were happy there and didn’t want to move anywhere else. They also said that they were © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 2 SECOND EDITION (A2+/B1)

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UNIT TEST 7 ● GROUP B Vocabulary Where _______________________________? 1 Complete the sentences with the names of 4 Someone opens the bakery every morning at places. The first letters are given. seven o’clock. _________________________________ every 0 You can buy some vegetables and fruit at morning at seven o’clock. a greengrocer’s. 5 They haven’t cleaned the bookstore yet. 1 Let’s go to the b ____________ – I’m looking __________________________________ yet. for the new novel by my favourite writer. /5 2 This shop is great for e _____________ goods 4 Choose the correct option. like mobile phones and computer screens. 3 There’s a n _____________ at the station that some lots lot of much sells great magazines. how much few a few many 4 You can send a letter or buy a stamp at a p___________ o___________. 0 There’s only some bread left. I’ll get some more. /4 1 ____________ cheese would you like on your pizza? 2 Complete the sentences with the words in the 2 I need a ____________ chocolate to make the box. There are two extra words. cake. 3 Would you like _____________ sugar on your entrepreneur ages delivery strawberries? estate bargain living 4 There were very _____________ people in the quality refund 0 Jeff Bezos of Amazon is a very successful supermarket because it’s Sunday. entrepreneur. /4 1 I picked up some great ____________ in the 5 Complete the second sentence so that it has a sales last week. similar meaning to the first. Use the words in 2 A good leather jacket will last for __________. CAPITALS. 3 I’m very disappointed with the _____________ 0 Do you prefer to buy things on the Internet or of their clothes – it used to be better. go to a real store? 4 You should always keep the _______________ Do you prefer to shop online or go to a after you buy something. real store? ONLINE /4 1 This computer is more than we can afford. Grammar We can’t buy this computer – it costs _______ _____________. TOO 3 Change the sentences into the Passive Voice. Use no more than five words. 2 Henry bought something for a low price at the sports shop yesterday – a tennis racket for only 0 China produces lots of tea every year. £10! Lots of tea is produced in China every year. Henry _______________________ at the sports shop 1 Amy Galliano created this company in 1969. yesterday – a tennis racket for only £10! PICKED ____________________________ by Amy 3 There are no sales assistants here. Where are Galliano in 1969. they? 2 My bank offers various online services. There ____________________ to serve the Various online services ___________________ customers! Where are all the sales assistants? by my bank. NOBODY 3 Where did they find my credit card? /3 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 2 SECOND EDITION (A2+/B1)

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UNIT TEST 7 ● GROUP B Use of English 6 Choose the correct option, A, B or C to complete the text. The world’s biggest mall If you just need to buy a 0_____ of tea, the Dubai Mall is probably not the shop for you. It is the largest shopping centre in the world and it 1_____ by thousands of shoppers every day. The mall has 2_____ – shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, a hotel, an aquarium and a theme park! Are the products in the mall cheaper than in other countries? Usually not, but if you’re lucky, you can find some nice things on special 3_____. But you don’t have to buy anything if you have 4_____ money. You can still enjoy yourself if you go window 5_____. With more than fifty-four million people visiting every year, it’s usually noisy and crowded. Although there are 14,000 parking spaces, don’t be surprised if it takes some time to find one. 0 A pair B bottle C packet 1 A visits B is visited C has been visited 2 A anything B something C everything 3 A bargain B price C offer 4 A little B a few C too much 5 A buying B shopping C looking /5 TOTAL: _____/35 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 2 SECOND EDITION (A2+/B1)