Focus2 Unit 7 Test GroupB

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UNIT TEST 7 ● GROUP B Where _______________________________? Vocabulary 4 Someone opens the bakery every morning at 1 Complete the sentences with the names of seven o’clock. places. The first letters are given. _________________________________ every 0 You can buy some vegetables and fruit at morning at seven o’clock. a greengrocer’s. 5 They haven’t cleaned the bookstore yet. 1 You can buy a magazine at a n___________. __________________________________ yet. 2 You can buy some meat, like chicken, at /5 a b___________. 4 Choose the correct option. 3 You can buy new boots at a s___________ s___________. 0 Molly hasn’t seen some / any glasses 4 You can send a letter or buy a stamp at that she likes at the optician’s. a p___________ o___________. 1 I can’t buy any more perfume this month. I’ve got very little / very few money left. /4 2 How many / How much time do you spend 2 Complete the sentences with the words in the shopping? box. There are two extra words. 3 There are too much / too many people in the queue. entrepreneur ages delivery 4 I know a few / few good shops in Hope Street. estate high living quality receipt I’m sure you’ll find something nice there. 0 Jeff Bezos of Amazon is a very successful /4 entrepreneur. 5 Complete the second sentence so that it has a 1 My dad works at a/an _______________ similar meaning to the first. Use the words in agent’s – he sells houses. CAPITALS. 2 A good leather jacket will last for __________. 0 Do you prefer to buy things on the Internet or 3 I’m very disappointed with the _____________ go to a real store? of their clothes – it used to be better. Do you prefer to shop online or go to a 4 You should always keep the _______________ real store? ONLINE after you buy something. 1 This computer is more than we can afford. /4 We can’t buy this computer – it costs _______ Grammar _____________. TOO 3 Change the sentences into the Passive Voice. 2 Henry bought something for a low price at the Use no more than five words. sports shop yesterday – a tennis racket for only £10! 0 China produces lots of tea every year. Henry _______________________ at the sports shop Lots of tea is produced in China every year. yesterday – a tennis racket for only £10! PICKED 1 Amy Galliano created this company in 1969. 3 There are no sales assistants here. Where are ____________________________ by Amy they? Galliano in 1969. There ____________________ to serve the 2 My bank offers various online services. customers! Where are all the sales assistants? Various online services ___________________ NOBODY by my bank. 3 Where did they find my credit card? /3 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 2 SECOND EDITION (A2+/B1)

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