Focus Quiz Unit8 GroupB

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QUIZ 8 ● GROUP B 3 Complete the sentences with verbs in the correct Well-being form. 1 Complete these sentences with the names of the 0 Amanda said she didn’t feel well and then health problems the people have. The first letters are given. suddenly, she passed out. 0 I haven’t eaten all day and now I’ve got a headache. 1 Don’t _______________ out about your blood test – 1 Fred has a terrible c_______________. I could I’m sure the results will be fine. hear it last night. 2 Carla has _______________ from headaches for 2 Miranda drank hot tea with lemon to make her the last two years. s_______________ t_______________ feel better. 3 You need a lot of rest – that’s the best way to 3 Mr Jones didn’t go to work yesterday because _______________ over your illness. he felt i_______________. 4 It’s possible to _______________ out at home – 4 Eva can’t play basketball because she’s got a you don’t really need to go to a gym. p_______________ in her leg. 5 Before he _______________ up jogging, Tim 5 Mike ate two pizzas, so of course he’s got a hadn’t done anything to keep fit. s_______________ now! __ /5 __ /5 4 Choose the correct option. 2 Complete the sentences using the verbs in the box. There two extra verbs. 0 Ouch! I just bit my mouth / tongue. 1 She put her hands behind her neck / back to hide be check come out feel keep lose make reduce what she was holding. 0 My doctor thinks I might be allergic to eggs, so I’m 2 I’m so thirsty that my lips / hips are dry. going to have some blood tests. 3 My school bag is heavy and my shoulders / knees 1 It’s important to _______________ good decisions hurt from carrying it. about your health. 4 Nick broke his foot / finger and now he can’t hold a 2 If I eat anything with nuts in it, I _______________ in tennis racket. a rash. 5 The doctor listened to my forehead / heart and 3 It’s easy to _______________ your pulse – just press said it sounded fine. two fingers to your neck. __ /5 4 When I’m sick, I always _______________ my appetite and I can’t eat for a few days. 5 Use this app to _______________ track of what you eat every day. __ /5 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 2 SECOND EDITION (A2+/B1)

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