Focus Quiz Unit8 GroupA

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QUIZ 8 ● GROUP A Well-being 3 Complete the sentences with verbs in the correct 1 Complete these sentences with the names of the form. health problems the people have. The first letters are given. 0 Amanda said she didn’t feel well and then 0 I haven’t eaten all day and now I’ve got a headache. suddenly, she passed out. 1 Every year in the spring, I get a r_______________ 1 It took ages for my grandmother to ____________ nose. from the flu last year. 2 I need to sit down. I feel d_______________. 2 As soon as he touched the plant, he ____________ 3 I feel hot. I’ve got a t_______________. out in a rash. 4 It’s hard to lift my arm. I’ve got a p_____________ 3 After Jana _______________ up swimming, she in my shoulder. became fitter and healthier. 5 I picked up a heavy box and now my back 4 My friend and I _______________ out at a gym a h_______________. few times a week. 5 Because my grandpa _______________ from heart __ /5 problems, he couldn’t walk very far. 2 Complete the sentences using the verbs in the box. There are two extra verbs. be check come out feel __ /5 keep lose make reduce 0 My doctor thinks I might be allergic to eggs, so I’m 4 Choose the correct option. going to have some blood tests. 0 Ouch! I just bit my mouth / tongue. 1 He’s got a pain in his chest / shoulder, near his 1 If you stop eating fast food every day, you can heart. _______________ weight. 2 Both of my toes / thumbs hurt because I play so 2 Doing exercise is a great way to _______________ many video games. stress and feel better. 3 It’s cold outside. Put this scarf around your neck / 3 The nurse is going to _______________ grandpa’s back to keep it warm. heart rate. 4 Gemma is very pretty – she has beautiful eyes with 4 It’s important to _______________ fit and eat good, long eyebrows / eyelashes. healthy food. 5 The doctor told me to open my mouth so he could 5 If you _______________ good food choices, you check my lips / throat. won’t get sick very often. __ /5 __ /5 © Pearson 2020 PHOTOCOPIABLE Focus 2 SECOND EDITION (A2+/B1)

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