First Reading part 6

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A All that hard work certainly paid off and the competition itself brought out the best in Lucy.

B That's because in order to reach that target, she had to totally rethink her lifestyle.

C Having access to this space-age training kit was certainly an advantage.

D If the sport was more in the public eye, then fewer people would make that mistake.

E Nobody complained about women taking part in those events whon it was introduced.

F That's why I've always regarded it as a thinking girl's sport really.

G What this meant, in effect, was that she was able to train full-time.

A Long, disused sets of steps that descend into the mud are another such clue.

B But finding such objects can point towards more interesting things nearby.

C In other words, they are objects that tell us how such people used to live centuries ago.

D You have to be that sort of person to want to poke about in the mud for thirty years.

E lt turns out to be part of a sword.

F Because of this wide experience, he has special permission to dig deep in search of antiquities.

G This scientific fact means the muddy shoreline is a sort of time capsule.

A You get the impression that they enjoy the attention.

B I was lucky enough to get some lovely shots of them.

C Often it's one of them who tips me off that a big star has just come through passport control.

D That's where you generally find the celebrities.

E They could be appearing in the arrivals hall at any time, night or day, of course.

G With some stars, however, you're never quite sure what you're going to get.

F When that happens, they have to do what we call 'duck and dive' to get a shot.

A I also tell them that it saves money and avoids breaking the law.

B I decided to have these conversations on a regular basis after that.

C I find this fact always takes my victims by surprise.

 D I went home and checked this out.

E It's not the sort of mistake that you make twice.

F I try not to get affected emotionally if drivers respond in this way.

G I've been distributing them in this way ever since.