First Quarter Summative Exam - Set 7


Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Division of Taguig City and Pateros SIGNAL VILLAGE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Ballecer St., Central Signal Village Taguig City First Quarter Summative Exam – MAPEH 9 Name: ______________________________ Grade: 9 Section: _________________ Date: ________________ I – Multiple Choice: Instruction: Read the statement carefully and comprehensively. Select the letter that best answer the questions. It refers to the ability to deal with others at any given situation and the ability to settle disputes without sacrificing the integrity of the game. a) Mental quality b) Psycho-social c) Social d) Emotional The following are considered as Pulse Points and Pressure Points except, a) Superficial Temporal b) Ulnar/Radial c) Carotid d) Pollex When the two bones that come together become separated a) Dislocations b) Fracture c) Strain d) Sprain Which of the following are not considered components of Physical Fitness? a) Muscle Strength and Endurance b) Speed and Power c) Motion and Force d) Flexibility and Balance Officiating has a high physical demand, especially in sports like basketball, soccer and combative sports. What should the referee do PRIOR or before doing his/her officiating task? a) Proceed in officiating instantly b) Dynamic Stretching c) Static Stretching d) Warm up The capacity of an individual to perform his or her daily tasks without undue fatigue and still has energy for recreation and emergencies. a) Physical Education b) Sedentary Lifestyle c) Physical Fitness d) Emotional Qualities

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