Extra writing 4

  1. English
  2. 4 Grade
  3. Monika Kuzmíková
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Unit 4 Extra writing We’re having fun at the beach! 1 Write the words. 1 I love our garden. 2 That playground is It’s beautiful (ueablifut). (erandougs). 3 The zoo in town is (fase). We don’t play there. The animals can’t get out. 4 Look, that garden hasn’t got any flowers. 5 This is my favourite beach. It’s (guyl). It’s big and (lenac). 6 We don’t go to that beach. It’s (lolutdep). 2 Look and correct the sentences. 4 2 5 1 3 6 1 They’re kayaking. They aren’t kayaking. They’re windsurfing.  2 He’s swimming. 3 They’re sailing. 4 She’s snorkelling. 5 She’s waterskiing. 6 He’s diving. What’s your favourite sport? Write a sentence and draw yourself. 3 2nd Edition PHOTOCOPIABLE © Oxford University Press