Examination General Physics 1

  1. Physics
  2. 12 Grade
  3. Philip Devida
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II. Tell whether each statement is TRUE or FALSE. Write your answer on the space provided. _____1. Derived quantities depends on one or more fundamental quantities. _____2. One space is between the last digit of the numeral and the symbol of a unit in writing measurement. _____3. Accuracy is the result which are close to the theoretical value. _____4. 250 cm is more precise with 2.55 m than 2.55 cm. _____5. The length of an arrow represents magnitude. _____6. The change in position of an object is called distance. _____7. Potential energy is the energy of an object possesses due to its motion. _____8. The ability to do work is called power. _____9. The acceleration of an object is the product of its mass and its velocity. _____10. The product of a force and a time interval is called momentum III. Count the number of significant figures for each number. _____1. 1278.50 _____3. 2653008.0 _____5. 542000. _____2. 120000 _____4. 6271.91 IV. Express each number into scientific notation. 1. 0.00053 -__________ 4. 0.0000050 -__________ 2. 0.000000406 -__________ 5. 80400000 -__________ 3. 36500000 -__________ V. Solve the following problems. 1. Mikey walks 100 m east, then turns around and walks 150 m north. Illustration Distance Displacement 2. John runs 2000 m north, and then turns west and runs 1750 m. Illustration Distance Displacement

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