English Plus 3. Unit 7 test


Unit 7 Standard Test A 5 Complete the second conditional sentences with Reading the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (5 marks) Fighting for change 1 If people smiled more, the world Bibi was studying in Kathmandu, Nepal, forty miles away from her family home when there was an earthquake. _______________ (be) a nicer place. 2 If shops _______________ (sell) ‘ugly’ fruit, ‘When I came home to my village, I saw how very sad everyone was,’ she explained. ‘When I arrived, the would you buy it? community was living in big tents. Everyone was in one 3 She _______________ (stop) bullying in schools place, so there was a lot of noise. People were terrified of if she had the power. the wind and the rain. However, they believed it was better to try to wait patiently for help.’ 4 If people didn’t sign petitions, the government _______________ (not know) how they felt. The earthquake destroyed 500,000 homes and 16,000 schools, and 8,000 people lost their lives. After seeing the 5 I _______________ (donate) some money if I damage, brave Bibi wanted to help her village. found a charity I wanted to support. ‘If we didn’t move on, we would continue to live in fear. I 6 Write sentences with the second conditional encouraged my family to build a proper shelter so my brother and father got the wood. Then I realized that it sentences. (10 marks) wasn’t just my house that was important. I wanted to help 1 I find someone in danger / call for help my community, too, so I started volunteering.’ Two years _______________________________________ later, Bibi, who has kindly and generously given up all her time, is still working to rebuild her village. 2 they do nothing all day / get bored In the future, Bibi wants to help build safer homes for _______________________________________ more families across her country. While other young 3 you not have any money / what / do / ? people have decided to move abroad, Bibi feels it’s important that she stays and helps her country. ‘This is the _______________________________________ time Nepal needs its young people the most.’ 4 the charity not advertise / not get any money _______________________________________ 7 Read the article. Then complete the sentences. Use two words for each sentence. (10 marks) 5 we go on the website / find out more information 1 The community was living in _________ _______________________________________ _________ after the earthquake. 2 People were scared of the _________ and the _________. 3 Bibi _________ to _________ her village. 4 She has _________ and _________ given up her time to work as a volunteer. 5 Other young people have decided to _________ _________.

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