English Plus 3. Unit 7 test

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Unit 7 Standard Test A 5 Complete the second conditional sentences with Reading the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (5 marks) Fighting for change 1 If people smiled more, the world Bibi was studying in Kathmandu, Nepal, forty miles away from her family home when there was an earthquake. _______________ (be) a nicer place. 2 If shops _______________ (sell) ‘ugly’ fruit, ‘When I came home to my village, I saw how very sad everyone was,’ she explained. ‘When I arrived, the would you buy it? community was living in big tents. Everyone was in one 3 She _______________ (stop) bullying in schools place, so there was a lot of noise. People were terrified of if she had the power. the wind and the rain. However, they believed it was better to try to wait patiently for help.’ 4 If people didn’t sign petitions, the government _______________ (not know) how they felt. The earthquake destroyed 500,000 homes and 16,000 schools, and 8,000 people lost their lives. After seeing the 5 I _______________ (donate) some money if I damage, brave Bibi wanted to help her village. found a charity I wanted to support. ‘If we didn’t move on, we would continue to live in fear. I 6 Write sentences with the second conditional encouraged my family to build a proper shelter so my brother and father got the wood. Then I realized that it sentences. (10 marks) wasn’t just my house that was important. I wanted to help 1 I find someone in danger / call for help my community, too, so I started volunteering.’ Two years _______________________________________ later, Bibi, who has kindly and generously given up all her time, is still working to rebuild her village. 2 they do nothing all day / get bored In the future, Bibi wants to help build safer homes for _______________________________________ more families across her country. While other young 3 you not have any money / what / do / ? people have decided to move abroad, Bibi feels it’s important that she stays and helps her country. ‘This is the _______________________________________ time Nepal needs its young people the most.’ 4 the charity not advertise / not get any money _______________________________________ 7 Read the article. Then complete the sentences. Use two words for each sentence. (10 marks) 5 we go on the website / find out more information 1 The community was living in _________ _______________________________________ _________ after the earthquake. 2 People were scared of the _________ and the _________. 3 Bibi _________ to _________ her village. 4 She has _________ and _________ given up her time to work as a volunteer. 5 Other young people have decided to _________ _________.

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Unit 7 Standard Test A Total marks: Communication Listening ____ / 10 Vocabulary ____ / 15 Language focus ____ / 25 Reading ____ / 10 8 Complete the conversation. (5 marks) Communication ____ / 5 Writing ____ / 10 A: Excuse me, could you sign my petition? TOTAL ____ / 75 B: What’s it about? 1 A: It’s about sea animal cruelty. We b_________ we shouldn’t keep large sea animals in captivity. B: But isn’t that already illegal? A: Unfortunately, animals are still used in shows. 2 We w______ the government to ban their use. B: But won’t this be too difficult to stop? 3 A: The main r_________ is to stop intelligent animals being kept in captivity. It might need a 4 lot of work, but it’s definitely w_________ the effort. We hope that the petition will let more people know about the issue and this would 5 lead t_________ everyone boycotting the shows. B: I suppose you’re right. I’ll sign your petition. Writing 9 Write a discussion essay on the topic below. Use the plan in the box to help you. Write 80– 100 words. (10 marks) Should all schools get involved with activities that help their local community every year? Paragraph 1 Introduce the title by rephrasing the question. Paragraph 2 Present ideas for one side of the argument. On the one hand, … Paragraph 3 Present ideas for the other side of the argument. On the other hand, … Paragraph 4 Give your opinion and say why. All things considered, …

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Unit 7 Standard Test A 3 Match the adjectives in the box with the Listening definitions. (10 marks) 1 Read the questions. Then listen to the interview brave clever confident fair generous and complete the sentences. Write one word. honest kind organized patient sympathetic (10 marks) 1 Malik is talking about how music is ___________ A person who … people. 1 treats everyone equally: ____________ 2 He has been involved with the ‘Music Speaks’ 2 is intelligent: ____________ project since ___________. 3 He has seen a lot of positive ___________ since 3 always tells the truth: ____________ then. 4 is willing to do dangerous things: ____________ 4 The project ___________ young people to get 5 feels sure about their own ability: ____________ an education. 6 gives people more than they need to: ________ 5 Many teenagers don’t feel ___________ about their abilities. 7 shows that they care about someone’s 6 He believed that the problems in his country problems: ____________ would never ___________ if he didn’t make a 8 waits for others and doesn’t get angry: ________ change. 9 plans their work carefully: ____________ 7 Malik wants to use his music to ___________ for 10 cares about others: ____________ change in his country. 8 His message to teenagers is to stay in school and be ___________. Language focus 9 He wants other teenagers to be ___________ and work towards a better life. 4 Choose the correct words. (10 marks) 10 The radio presenter wishes Malik good luck with 1 Your donations could / perhaps / mustn’t the ___________. change their lives. 2 She can / must / couldn’t get an award for her courage. She’s very brave. Vocabulary 3 Perhaps / Could / Might he will need our help. 2 Complete the sentences. (5 marks) 4 The situation perhaps / may / can get better if 1 He v____________ at a homeless charity twice we continue our campaign. We’re not sure. a week. 5 He must / couldn’t / can’t be at home. He isn’t 2 They made a d____________ to a charity last opening the door. week. 6 Helping other people can’t / perhaps / can 3 I p____________ people to sign the petition make you feel good. yesterday. 7 I can’t find my wallet, but it can / might / must 4 We need to s____________ those who are poor. be here somewhere. I had it a while ago. 5 I am going to p____________ against the waste 8 When you help a charity, you could / may / can of food by supermarkets. not benefit personally, but you will feel good. 9 Could / Perhaps / Might something nice will happen to you today. 10 The government can / mustn’t / may take action because a lot of people have signed the petition.