English 7 Mastery Test Q2 W1 2

  1. English
  2. 7 Grade
  3. By snapsky 145
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ENGLISH 7- QUARTER 2 FIRST MASTERY TEST Name: __________________________________ Grade/Section:___________________________ Write True or False. 1. Listening means paying attention to the person who delivers a message and to the content of the message as well. 2. There are four types of listening: appreciative, stylistic, comprehensive, and critical. 3. Appreciative listening goes with appreciation of the message of the speaker. 4. When you do emphatic listening, you deeply understand the meaning and you even try to associate the speaker’s message with your personal experiences. 5. Full involvement affects the success of comprehensive listening. 6. In critical listening, you become a critical listener and even a single error cannot escape from your vigilant ears. 7. Address bar is a text box in a web browser displaying the address of the web page that is currently being viewed. 8. You can ride on the search engine. 9. Bookmark is a method of inserting a tool in a webpage address. 10. Navigation buttons look like arrows.