English 2 Q2 Week 2

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DIRECTIONS: Complete each sentence below by choosing the correct word from the box. Write your answers on the blanks. face mask face shield soap alcohol tissue 1. Tatay washes his hands with _______________ and water regularly. 2. Nanay disinfects her hands using __________________. 3. I cover my mouth with ________________ when coughing. 4. Father wears ____________________ to protect himself when going out. 5. Father wears __________________ for eye protection too. 5

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In pre-writing, it is important to prepare your ideas first. You will find it easy to draw and write when you put your ideas together. DIRECTIONS: Your mother is going to the market. What are the things that she needs to prepare to protect herself so she will not get sick? Color the box yellow. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7 TONI MAE H. ROSALIN Writer Validated by: IRENE BANIQUED RODORA DE LUNA JESSCA INOCANDO MARY GRACE BUBAN DR. CHRISTIAN JAY Y. ILAGAN Education Program Supervisor in English 8