English 2 Q1 LAS 1

  1. English
  2. 4 Grade
  3. Riecill Armesin
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DIRECTIONS: Choose inside the box the correct beginning sound of the following pictures. Encircle the letter of your answer. 9. e n A. p B. h C. l d. b 10. e t A. n B. p C. m d. k 11. o p A. n B. b C. m d. f 12. A. t B. b C. m d. f a t 13. a t A. t B. c C. m d. f 14. u n A. m B. t C. s D. p = 15. e n A. m B. t C. s D. p

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LEARNING ACTIVITY SHEETS FIRST QUARTER ENGLISH GRADE 2 ANSWER KEY 1. C 6. kleng-kleng 11. C 2. A 7. beep-beep 12. B 3. A 8. krinng-krinng 13. B 4. B 9. B 14. C 5. oink-oink 10. A 15. D