1. English
  2. 10 Grade
  3. Levina Udarbe
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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education SOLANA FRESH WATER FISHERY SCHOOL Long Quiz #2 (Q1) in ENGLISH 10 S.Y. 2021-2022 Name: _____________________________________ Grade/Section: __________________________ Score: _____________________________________ Parent’s Signature: _______________________ Directions: Read and understand each item carefully. Answer each question to the best of your knowledge and choose the best answer from the four options that follow. Write only the letter of the correct answer before each item in CAPSLOCK. For items 1-3, decide which type of speech delivery is best suited for each scenario. Choose from the choices below. A. Impromptu B. Memorized C. Extemporaneous D. Reading from manuscript 1. A politician who wants to state his accomplishments and platforms. A. Impromptu B. Memorized C. Extemporaneous D. Reading from manuscript 2. A candidate in a beauty and brain pageant who is going to answer the question given by the judges. A. Impromptu B. Memorized C. Extemporaneous D. Reading from manuscript 3. A group of students who is joining a formal debate contest. A. Impromptu B. Memorized C. Extemporaneous D. Reading from manuscript For numbers 4-6, determine the textual aid appropriate in understanding texts in the following contexts: 4. An essay discussing the proper ways of preventing the COVID-19 Disease from spreading. A. Organizer showing relationship B. Drawing showing process C. Diagram presenting cycle D. Graph showing variables 5. A story centered on anti-discrimination of people with contagious diseases, health workers, and frontliners. A. Cartoon/comic strip B. Chart and graph C. Organizer D. Table 6. A poem depicting the effects of cycling and walking instead of using motorized vehicles in going to places nearby. A. Bar Graph B. Venn Diagram C. Photograph/Picture D. Organizational Chart 7. Which is NOT true about the elements of a plot? A. It has five major elements. B. Setting is an element of plot. C. Exposition is also called denouement. D. Climax is the part where characters are introduced. 8. Which of these does NOT belong to the group? A. Exposition B. Genre C. Climax D. Rising action 9. Which of these elements of story is NOT properly described? A. Setting is the place and time of story. B. Theme refers to the central idea of the story. C. Conflict happens at the end of the story. 10. Which of the statements correctly describes analytical/critical listening? A. The listener is made to judge on the truthfulness of the ideas. B. The listener hears the sound from background but ignores it. C. The listener focuses and shows interest in what is being said. D. It gives pleasure to the listener 11. Which is NOT true about the types of listening? A. In attentive listening, there is no sign of attention or interest from the listeners. B. Analytical or critical listening tries to pass judgment on the information being heard. C. Marginal/Passive listening refers to hearing because the listener hears the sound but ignores it. D. Appreciative listening happens when listeners gain pleasure from the speaker’s humor or blending of voice.

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For items 12-13, identify the sense that is being activated by the sensory images lifted from How my Brother Leon Brought Home his Wife? 12. Crickets chirped from their homes in the cracks of the banks. A. Sight B. Smell C. Hearing D. Taste 13. Sharp scent of arrais roots A. Sight B. Smell C. Hearing D. Taste 14. When a listening text provides various reliable sources to support his idea or claim, what characteristic does it have? A. It is valid B. it is reliable C. it is adequate D. it is accurate 15. If an article or text contains information that are considered true to majority of people, it is described as A. Valid B. reliable C. adequate D. accurate 16. A student who is joining an oratorical contest. Which speech delivery is best employed in the given scenario? A. Memorized B. Impromptu C. Extemporaneous D. Reading from manuscript 17. Which idea is NOT correct about textual aids? A. It helps readers understand the text easily. B. Tables, graphs, and diagrams are some of its examples. C. Graphs show relationship between variables D. Textual aids destruct reader’s understanding. 18. Which statement incorrectly describes setting as an element of story? A. Place where the story happened B. The time when the story occurred C. existing period/season in the story D. the problem that exists in a story 19. Which of these scenarios exemplifies a marginal or passive listening? A. Judy listens to his favorite song while writing his essay B. John loudly laughs on the jokes over the radio C. Khai listens carefully in the class discussion D. Judge Carpio listens to the murderer’s statement 20. Adequacy of information is attained when A. It is useful or has important information B. there is a right amount of data or details that article calls for C. when it contains facts and information without bias or opinionated ideas D. contains an almost universal truth and proven to be true by a good number of people GOOD LUCK! Prepared by: Checked: Noted: LEVINA C. UDARBE, T III MA. TERESA L. BALLAD, MT-I TEODOLFO C. LOPEZ, HT-III Approved: JOEL M. CAMAYANG Secondary School Principal III