EDFORM Unit 1 Hobbies Practice test 1

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2. Read the letter and the tasks that follow January 27th, 2011 Dear Anna, How are you? I’m fine. I am very busy lately with school and my hobbies. I have basketball practice twice a week – every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I play basketball quite well. Each practice takes me two hours and then I go home and do my homework. Every Friday, we have a Maths quiz (a short exam), so I have to work extra hard on school work after my Thursday’s basketball practice, I’m quite good at Maths, but it’s still very tiring. I often have to take a cold shower so that I can concentrate on my school work. Also, every Saturday morning I enjoy running around the park. I like taking my dog, Jimmy, with me. We like running quickly together. On Saturday evenings, I watch football games on television. My father often wtaches the games too, but he can’t always do that. He sometimes doesn’t come home from work on time. My mother can watch with us, but she doesn’t like football so much. She enjoys paiting pictures. She can paint very well. My sister goes riding on Sunday mornings. Her horse is called Johnny. He is a little slow because he is old. But when he was yound he was very quick. Well, I have to run. I still have homework to do and I can’t do it if I go on writing to you, which I like doing . Yours, Diana a. Read and choose the correct answers. 1. Who writes the letter? A. Anna B. Diana C. Both of them D. None of them 2. What sports does Diana play twice a week? A. baseball B. Football C. Basketball D. Badminton 3. When does Diana play sports? A. Monday and B. Sunday and C. Wednesday D. Tuesday and Thurday Thursday and Thursday Thursday 4. How well does Diana play this sport? A. quite well B. well C. very well D. not well 5. How good is Diana at Maths? A. good B. quite good C. very good D. not good 6. What does Diana enjoy doing with her dog? A. walking B. playing C. jogging D. running

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