Echo & Narcissus


UNIT 6 LESSON 6.3: Echo and Narcissus WORD BANK bellus/bella—beautiful parvus/parva—little sonorus/sonora—loud tacitus/tacita—silent solus/sola—alone serenus/serena—tranquil placidus/placida—peaceful frigidus/frigida—cold famelicus/famelica—hungry sitiens/sitiens—thirsty magnus/magna—much iratus/irata—angry mortuus/a—dead laetus/laeta—happy miser/misera—miserable Choose a Latin adjective from the word bank for each blank. Be sure to use the correct ending depending on whether the noun is feminine (f) or masculine (m). There was once a ____ (f) nymph named Echo who was known for her love of talking, singing and gossiping. Echo was wandering the woods when she came upon Jupiter hanging out with other nymphs. ____ (f) Echo knew that Juno was searching for her ____ (m) husband Jupiter and would not be happy to find him there. Jupiter asked Echo to distract his wife and who could refuse ____ (m) Jupiter’s requests? Not Echo! So, Echo went to chat with Juno until finally Juno realized that Echo was trying to distract her! Juno was so ____ (f) that she took away most of Echo’s voice, leaving her with only the ability to mimic a sound she heard. Juno left Echo in a very ____ (m) state. What was Echo to do without her voice? Then Echo noticed the most ____ (m) boy she had ever seen, Narcissus. Narcissus wandered away from his friends through the ____ (f) woods. Echo fell in love with him instantly and followed him, but hid behind trees and bushes because she was ashamed of her inability to talk on her own. Echo longed to call out to Narcissus , but remained silent until he realized he had lost his friends. He called out, “Is anyone here?” “Here,” replied Echo from behind a bush. Narcissus was astonished to hear a ____ (f) voice without seeing anyone around and shouted “Come to me!” “Come to me!” Echo echoed. Since no one appeared he asked, “Why are you hiding from me?” And again she asked, “Why are you hiding from me?” Finally, he stood still and called “Here, let's meet together.” “Together!” Echo exclaimed as she burst from the woods and flung her arms around him. But seeing ____ (f) Echo, Narcissus jumped back and 56

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