Demo 2

  1. World Languages
  2. Zhenia Kostenko
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Fill in the gaps with the words from the text:

  1. Have you ever worked on a project that required you to keep ________ for hours or even days? How did you manage to stay motivated?

  2. What's the most ________ building or structure you've ever seen, and where was it located?

  3. Do you think it's important to ________ your choices before making a decision, or do you tend to follow your instincts?

  4. What's the ________ number of hours you spend on your phone or computer each day, give or take an hour or two?

  5. Have you ever encountered someone who had an ________ personality, and how did you handle the situation?

  6. Do you often ________ when you're deep in thought, or does your facial expression remain neutral?

  7. Have you ever been labeled a ________ by others due to your personal habits or lifestyle choices? How did you react?

  8. How do you feel when someone speaks to you in a ________ tone, and how do you typically respond?

  9. Can you recall a specific incident that left you feeling ___________ or uncertain about what happened?

  10. What's the most shocking news or event that has made you ________ in disbelief?

  11. Have you ever witnessed an ________ or been a victim of one yourself? How did it affect you?

  12. Have you ever ________ a conversation between strangers or friends that made you feel uncomfortable or curious? What did you do?

Now record the answers to any 3 questions from previous slide.

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