Demerara Revolt Quiz

  1. History
  2. 10 Grade-12 Grade
  3. Gaina Wagner
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Demerara Revolt Read the Article, then answer the questions 1. Where did the Demerara 6. How long did it last? Revolt take place? a) 1 day Barbados b) 1 week Guyana c) 2 days Jamaica d) 2 weeks Haiti 7. What was the outcome? 2. When did it occur? a) The rebellion was put down 1763 quickly 1791 b) Plantations were destroyed 1816 c) Many were killed 1823 d) All the above 3. Who was the leaders? 8. Who did not want violence? a) John Gladstone and a) John Smith Quamina b) Gladstone b) John Smith and Cuffy c) Quamina c) Cuffy and Tacky d) Governor Murray d) Sam Sharpe and Atta 4. The revolt started on 9. The major cause why the revolt Plantation failed? a) Success a) The governor was warned b) Magdelenburg b) Lack of unity c) Barley c) The army was more d) none of these prepared d) None of the above 5. Why did the revolt take place? a) For peace 10.What happened to Quamina? b) For freedom a) He was honored c) Higher wages b) He was hunted down by dogs d) Higher taxes and killed c) He was burn to death d) He was put in prison