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  1. English
  2. Megan Oliver
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Name ____________________ Baking Date ____________________ Non-Fiction Traditionally, those who celebrate Christmas bake cookies to eat and to share with others during the holiday season. The tradition was brought from Holland to America by Dutch immigrants and has continued over the centuries. Sugar cookies and gingerbread men frequently are included on cookie trays. Families also bake favorite recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Friends may gather together for cookie exchange parties. Dozens of cookies get swapped and sent home with the participants. Everyone can go home with their sweet tooth satisfied. Main Idea Terms What is the main idea of the story? What do you think each word means?  A Cookie Exchange Party tradition- immigrants-  Christmas is Fun centuries-  Families Bake Together generations-  All About Christmas Cookies swapped- Inferences Sequencing Answer each & explain your answer Put the events in the correct order ___ Everyone goes home. DAHarker@2019 What does “passed down through the generations” mean? ___ Families share cookies. How many cookies are in a dozen? ___ Families bake cookies. Explain what a sweet tooth is. ___ Dutch immigrants brought Where did Dutch people come from? ____cookie traditions to America.. .