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Test III. Matching Type. 1. Network ID a. A protocol is a set of rules that govern data communications. It represents an agreement between the communicating devices. 2. Class B b. a networks range from 128 to 191. 3. Logical addressing c. A core function of IP is to provide logical addressing for hosts. 4. IP d. identifies which network a host belongs to. 5. Class D e. A link is a communications pathway that transfers data from one device to another. 6. Routing f. determines the best path to a particular destination network, and then routes data accordingly. 7. IP Address g.It provide no mechanism to create boundaries between networks. 8. Class A h. provides a unique address that identifies both the host, and the network that host exists on. 9. TCP i. is the most widely-used logical address, and is the backbone protocol of the Internet. 10. Class C j. it is a Part of an IP address identifies the network. 11. Host ID k. networks are reserved for multicast traffic. 12. Hardware Addressing l. is used to uniquely identify a host within a local network. 13. MAC address m. Backbone of MAN is high-capacity and high-speed fiber optics. 14. IPv4 Addressing n. uniquely identifies the host on that network. 15. Subnet mask o. a networks range from 1 to 127 16. IPV6 p.The system must deliver data to the correct destination. Data must be received by the intended device or user and only by that device or user. 17. Class E q. to provide both Network and Transport layer functions. 18. Backbone r . The sender is the device that sends the data message. It can be a computer, workstation, telephone handset, video camera 19. ISO s. a networks range from 192 to 223. 20. Reference sender t. provides a hierarchical structure to both uniquely identify a host Test IV. Essay. Answer the given questions. 1. Discuss the top three layers of the OSI model are often referred to as the upper layers. 2. Differentiate the Straight Through and the Cross Over Cable. 3. Give the T568a and the T568B end to end color as well as the cross over color. Rubrics for checking 2 4 7 15 Topic content There is little There is some The information The essay includes information about information about includes descriptions detailed information the topic included in the topic included in about the topic about the description the essay the essay of the topic Word count The essay is 50 The essay is 150 The essay is 200 The essay is 250 words or less words words words or more. Spelling and Spelling and Some of the words Most of the words All spelling and grammar grammar errors are are spelled correctly and grammar are grammar are correct frequent and some grammar spelled correctly is correct.

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