Day 6. Warm Up. Spanish Colonial Era. Social Studies. 7th Grade

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Name: __________________________________________________ Date:________________________ Period:_____ Spanish Colonial Era Day 6 Warm-Up Matching – match each item in the first column with an item in the second column _____ 1. Country that profited in the New World from fur trade A. Spain _____ 2. Military forts that were built to protect settlements B. France C. missions _____ 3. Country that sent Pineda, Cortes, and Coronado to the New World D. presidios _____ 4. Religious settlements that were built to convert local natives to a new culture Multiple Choice – choose the one that best answers the question or completes the statement _____ 5. Why did most of the Spanish missions of Texas eventually fail? A. Flooding caused damage that could not be repaired B. Local Indians rejected the Spanish religion and culture C. Constant attacks by French soldiers D. The area was taken over by German settlers _____ 6. Which of these was NOT a Spanish settlement in Texas? A. San Antonio B. Austin C. Nacogdoches D. La Bahia [Goliad]

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