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Name:__________________________________________________________Date:_________________Period:_____ Europe Day 5 Quiz Matching - write the letter of the term on the appropriate line ______1. Complex societies in Latin America A. Setting B. Urbanization ______2. Land, ocean, mountain C. Growth of representative government D. Inca, Maya, Aztec ______3. People move from rural areas to cities for jobs ______4. Distance from Britain Multiple Choice - select the most appropriate answer _____5. Ukraine and Russia are often in conflict over lands that connect them to the - A. English Channel B. Black Sea C. Mediterranean Sea D. North Sea _____6. Which physical feature in the Balkan Peninsula has caused isolation of many ethnic groups, and the splintering of small countries? A. Mountains B. Lakes C. Oceans D. Deserts All rights reserved © 2020 Lowman Consulting LLC

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