Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region I SCHOOLS DIVISION OFFICE I PANGASINAN ALIAGA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL TAGURARIT, ALIAGA MALASIQUI, PANGASINAN NAME: _______________________________ GRADE & SECTION: ___________________ CSS GRADE 12 – 2ND QUARTER SUMMATIVE 2 ASSESSMENT School Year: 2021-2022 COMPUTER SYSTEMS SERVICING Learning Area Test I: Direction: Fill-in the blanks of steps to install Windows 7. Write the answer on the blank space. settings custom install begin time zone accept restart partition finish computer name language password product key 1. Select a __________ and region. Then click Next button. 2. Click _________ now. 3. Accept the terms of use. Check the "I _________" box, then click Next. 4. Click _________ (advanced). It's at the bottom of the window. 5. Select a __________, click the Disk options link, click Format, and click OK when prompted before proceeding. 6. Click Next. Windows 7 will _________ installing. 7. Allow Windows 7 to install, the computer will __________ several times during this process. 8. Type the username and __________ then click Next. 9. Create a ___________, then click Next. 10. Enter your Windows 7 _____________, then click Next. 11. Click Use recommended ___________. 12. Select a ____________. then click Next to finish the setup. 13. Select a network. then wait for Windows 7 to ___________ setting-up. Test II: Direction: Multiple Choice. Choose the best answer for each question. 14. The RAM recommended hardware requirements for Windows 10 is______. A. 4GB B. 2GB C. 6GB D. 8GB 15. Windows 10 was released for the general public on _______.

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