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i -2- 1. Which of the following statements is TRUE 5. Which of the following BEST explains why of BOTH Jamaica and Cuba at the time of many Kalina go women spoke the Tainos' Columbus' arrival in the Caribbean? language? (A) They were not inhabited. (A) They worked in the fields with the (B) They were inhabited by Tainos. Taino women. (C) They were inhabited by Mayas. (B) Girls were taught the Tainos' (D) They were inhabited by Kalinagos. language by their elders. (C) Taino women were often captured by Kalinago warriors. 2. Which of the following BEST describes (D) Kalinago women often traded with the religious practices of the Kalinagos and the Taino women. Tainos? (A) Nature worship and animal sacrifice 6. Which is the correct order, from MOST to (B) Protective magic and animal LEAST powerful, of European social groups sacrifice in the 1400s? (C) Nature worship and ancestor worship (A) Merchants, priests, peasants, kings (D) Long periods of fasting and (B) Kings, priests, peasants, merchants ancestor worship (C) Priests, kings, merchants, peasants (D) Kings, priests, merchants, peasants 3. Which of the following statements are TRUE of the Kalinagos? 7. Christopher Columbus sailed west MAINLY because he wanted to I. They settled mainly in Cuba. II. They adopted many Taino customs. (A) discover the Americas III. They were skilled sailors and (B) find a passage to the East fishermen. (C) ·compete with the English IV. They fiercely resisted the Spanish (D) prove that the world was round invaders. (A) I and II only (B) I and III only (C) II, III and IV only (D) I, II, III and IV 4. Ornaments worn by the Taino leaders were often made of (A) gold (B) bronze (C) leather (D) diamonds GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE 01210010/F 2013

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