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CRE END OF SEMESTER 1 EXAM 2021 YEAR 6 1. Who was given the ten commandments? 2. The 10 commandments were given on Mt? 3. List two ways in which we can show respect to our parents. 4. . The parents of Jesus were and . 5. Who is your neighbor? 6. Jesus gave the parable of the to teach about a neighbor. 7. List three things you can do to a person you love. 8. What is new life? 9. was the spokesman between Israelites and God.

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10. The covenant between God and the Israelites was sealed by 11. God wanted the Israelites to obey his? 12. Jesus was crucified at? 13. helped Jesus to carry the cross. 14. Jesus was crucified together with two . 15. Jesus was betrayed by? 16. The 3 women who had gone to anoint the body of Jesus were? 17. List all the nine fruits of the holy spirit. 18. We should those who wrong us.

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19. God only forgives 20. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us’ this is found in the 21. is the father of faith. 22. Bearing witnesses means? 23. Christian witnesses should show their faith through? 24. The wise builder built his foundation on the? 25. taught that faith without actions is death.