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CRE END OF SEMESTER 1 EXAM 2021 YEAR 5 1. Name the three sons of Noah , , and . 2. Noah build the . 3. Noah was years when he started building the ark. 4. Lazarus and his sisters lived in 5. Lazarus was dead for days. 6. By raising Lazarus, Jesus showed that he had power over . 7. By calming the storm, Jesus showed that he had power over . 8. By feeding the 5000 people, Jesus showed he had power over . 9. Jesus was baptized by 10. Jesus chased those who were buying and selling in the temple at

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11. Jesus fed the crowds with fish and 12. Good leaders should follow the examples of 13. Good leaders should be of character. 14. Name 3 qualities of a good leader. 15. Name 2 leaders in a church. 16. Jesus had followers. 17. Name 3 things that a church leader should not do. 18. A place where we get education is called a 19. Give 3 ways in which pupils can serve at school 20. How many wives should a church leader have? 21. Name 2 ways in which Jesus served people.

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22. and were the first parents. 23. Satan appeared to Eve in form of a 24. and were Naomi’s daughters in-law. 25. and were the sons of Naomi.