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CRE C.A.T 2 YEAR 6. 1. a). List five occasions when you get visitors at your home. 1. _____________ 2. _____________ 3. ______________ 4. ______________ 5. ______________ b). Why did Jesus change water into wine? 2. What is new life?----------- 3. a). ____________ was the spokesman between Israelites and God. b). The covenant between God and the Israelites was sealed by____________ 4. God wanted the Israelites to obey his? 5. Jesus was crucified at? 6. ____________- helped Jesus to carry the cross 7. Jesus was crucified together with two ____________. 8. Jesus raised ____________, _______________ and __________ 9. . a). What happened to the Jew who was traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho? b). Who offered help to the Jew? c). Jesus teaches us to _______________ our enemies.