Coordinate Adjective Quiz 2


4. Read the paragraph and answer the question. (1) A few weeks after our family moved into that large mysterious house, I decided to look around the attic to see if the previous owners had left anything interesting. (2) As I crept up the narrow, creaky stairs, I became more curious. (3) Hidden in a corner near the back of the attic was an ancient wooden box. (4) Inside was a worn, wrinkled map with a faded “X” marking the north end of a lake. (5) Beginning on that day, our house seemed much less spooky and far more interesting. Which revision should be made to the paragraph? A. Add a comma after large in sentence 1. B. Remove the comma after narrow in sentence 2. C. Remove the comma after worn in sentence 4. 5. Read the paragraph and answer the question. (1) As the head of postal services, Benjamin Franklin established a profitable mail delivery system in colonial America. (2) The adventurous Franklin traveled some 1,600 miles between postal offices to mark all possible direct routes. (3) He had riders transport mail day and night for faster more productive delivery. (4) He also created a simpler and more standard rating system so postmasters could consistently calculate the price of postage. Where should a comma be added? A. after profitable in sentence 1 B. after possible in sentence 2 C. after faster in sentence 3 6. Which choice correctly combines the two sentences using coordinate adjectives. I ate the spicy chicken sandwich for lunch. The chicken sandwich was delicious. A. I ate the spicy and delicious chicken sandwich for lunch B. I ate the spicy, delicious chicken sandwich for lunch. C. I ate the spicy delicious, chicken sandwich for lunch

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