1. English
  2. Natalie Romm
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B2 Connectives and Linking Words CON001 Fill in the correct connectives and linking words from the list below. AS WELL AS DURING BECAUSE EITHER …. OR NEITHER …. NOR WHEN ALTHOUGH UNLESS WHICH SO THAT THEN SO DESPITE WHILE SUCH AS HOWEVER 1. ____________________ Dad comes home from work he has to lie down on the sofa ________________ he is tired. 2. Jerry had a bad headache yesterday, _______________ he couldn’t come to football practice. 3. This is Jimmy’s new mountain bike, ____________________ he got from his parents. He locks it up every evening _______________________ nobody can steal it. 4. ____________________ Samantha was tired, she watched TV until well after midnight. 5. First, cut out the pictures, ____________________ paste them into your book. 6. I would like to learn Chinese. ____________________, I don’t know anyone who can teach me. 7. ____________________ we were driving through the countryside, we saw many picturesque villages. 8. The Hemingways are our neighbours ____________________ our friends. 9. You can have _______________ tea ____________ coffee for breakfast. What would you like? 10. ____________________ being a great skier, only few people outside of Europe know him. 11. ____________________ the hike up the mountains we saw a lot of deer. 12. ________________ you finish the essay by tomorrow you won’t be able to get a good mark. 13. _______________ my father _______________ my mother will be able to attend the meeting tomorrow. 14. He likes all kinds of sports, ____________________ skiing, hockey and volleyball.