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Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. 1 This red lamp _________ (light) up when the engine __________ (overheat). Each machine here has this kind of protection. 2 I __________ (know) what he’s talking about if I __________ (speak) German. But I can only understand a few words. 3 What you told Rita was rude. If you ____________ (not call) her an idiot, she ______________ (not get) offended. 4 Take the phone with you. Uncle Sam _____________ (have) a chance to call you when his plane ____________ (land) at the airport. 5 There’s no chance to find Mr Black in this crowd. If you _______________ (take) a photo of him with you, we ___________ (recognise) him without any problems. Now it’s going to be more like a guessing game. Uzupełnij drugie zdanie tak, żeby zachować sens zdania wyjściowego. W każdą lukę można wpisać maksymalnie pięć wyrazów. 1 Try harder or you’ll never succeed. If you __________ harder, you’ll never succeed. 2 Barbara speaks so fast that I can’t understand her. If Barbara ___________ slower, I would understand her. 3 Mark was too lazy, that’s why he didn’t join this venture. If Mark weren’t too lazy, he ______________ this venture. 4 We didn’t have enough knowledge then to solve the mystery. If we ___________________ enough knowledge then, we would have solved the mystery. 5. The wheel was invented thousands of years ago. What do you think the world would be like today if it ____________ (not / invent) ?