Computer 6 Nov. 23, 2023 Class Activity

  1. Computers
  2. 6 Grade-10 Grade
  3. Dennis Sotto
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PART I.B MULTIPLE CHOICES. Direction: Identify the word or group of words being referred in the sentence. Choose the letter of the correct answer. 1. It is a massive digital network that connects billions of electronic devices all over the planet. A. Local Area Network C. World Wide Web B. Wireless Network D. None of the above 2. Which of the following is not a best practice to keep your password secure. A. Share your password to anyone. C. Do not use the same password for B. Memorize your password different accounts D. Change your password periodically 3. It is a practice of using someone else’s work as if it is yours. It is quite common in the Internet because online information is easy to locate and copy. A. Piracy C. Pyramid Schemes B. Plagiarism D. Phishing 4. Which of the following is not safe to do while driving? A. Watching a video C. Talking on your phone B. Texting D. All of these 5. It is a fraudulent practice of stealing important information from users such as passwords, pin codes and credit card numbers. A. Piracy C. Pyramid Schemes B. Plagiarism D. Phishing

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Part 4: Select all apply 1 - 4) Based on the presentation, choose four outcomes of a research. A. A new or improved product B. Help find out what happen C. New or improved research tool or technique D. Develop a greater understanding of people or their world E. A new or improved model or perspective F. To add to the body of knowledge G. An exploration of a topic, area or field Part 5: Matching Type: Draw a line to match it with the correct answer. 1. A. Keyboard 2. B. Flash Drive 3. C. Monitor 4. D. Headset 5. E. Printer