Command verbs

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Answer Sheet 1. Stop yelling at your sister! 2. Go to the store and buy a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs. 3. Add three scoops of sugar to the cookies please. 4. Do not beg for a toy when we are in the store. 5. Bake a cake for the party if you do not mind. 6. Bring me a clean set of clothing so I can change after the race. 7. Behave like a gentlemen when we meet the new church members. 8. Always close the door when you come in so the bugs stay outdoors. 9. Chop up the vegetables I have laid on the table so we can make salsa. 10. Catch the dog and put him inside so we can leave for school. 11. When hiding in the woods crouch down behind something so the animals do not get scared. 12. Crack the window so the room will air out, it smells like wet dog. 13. Cook dinner for yourself and your brother before I arrive home. 14. Please explain how to complete number three on the math worksheet. 15. Fetch the movie from the other room so we can watch it after dinner. 16. Fill up all the water balloons for the activities at the picnic. 17. Flip the pancakes when they are a nice golden color half way through. 18. Fold all three loads of laundry and put them away before bed. 19. She will get the cake two hours before the party begins. 20. At six o’clock go to the library to pick up your sister. Visit for more worksheets

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