Class Reaping Activity

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The Hunger Games Survival Guide Name: _________________________________ The Class DIRECTIONS: Figure out how many times your name would have to be written down, assuming you lived in the Seam & needed to sign up for the tesserae. Write your name on the slips of paper & give to your teacher. Then record all students in the chart Reaping below. When the reaping begins, record the results. After the reaping, answer the questions below. Predicting: Ask your classmates how many times their name is entered and record in the chart. Whose name is entered the most times? _________________________________________________ How many total slips are in the container? ________________________________________________ What are the odds that person’s name will be called? _______________________________________ Student Name Number of Odds that Name will # times name Total # times Times Name is be drawn is drawn first name is Entered 10 times called ! 15 Standard(s) practiced: CCRA.W.7, CCRA.SL.2, CCRA.SL.4, CCRA.SL.5 ©2010 Tracee Orman

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