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Naga College Foundation Inc. Basic Education Department Grade School 25 G5-CHRISTIAN LIVING 2ND QUARTERLY ASSESSMENT I. Choose the best answer. 1. When we were baptized, we became members of _________________. A. A religious organization B. Christ’s body the Church C. The Holy Family 2. We can participate in the mission of Christ by _____________________. A. making fun of people with Physical deformities B. helping others in order to become popular C. sharing with others our knowledge about Jesus Christ 3. We can make others see the love of God by ______________________. A. being envious of the success of others B. helping those who are in need C. spreading rumors about people we do not like 4. ___________________ are objects and gestures used by the Church to remind us of God’s presence. A. Sacraments B. Sacramentals C. Signs 5. The recipient of the sacrament puts on a white garment to signify that he/she has “put on Christ.” A. Baptism B. Holy Orders C. Anointing of the Sick

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