Citation drag and drop worksheet

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  2. 9 Grade-12 Grade
  3. Suzy Chelsey
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Drag and drop each vocabulary Your resources are listed in You have absorbed information You are committed to term to its corresponding alphabetical order on this page. learned from your resources. appropriately acknowledging definition. It’s the last page in your paper What is it called when you take the work of others when you and hanging indents are just what you have learned write or create any kind of one of the special formatting (including the proper citation) content, even if it’s for your own rules requiring your attention. and explain it in your own way entertainment. to demonstrate your understanding? You’re out of time and quickly This little-yet extremely This is where you condense a Copying a person word for put together the information you important inclusion in your lot of information into a brief word is fine as long as you have found. Citations are a paper signals a direct quote, blurb about the whole thing. include a citation and put the waste of time - the content of paraphrase, or summary. It lets Remember to “make a long words in quotation marks. What your paper is more important people know where you learned story short.” is this called? than where you learned the the information about your information. If you have to skip topic. a step... Oh well.