ChristmasAddSubMixedNumbers 1

  1. Mathematics
  2. 5 Grade
  3. Anna Allen
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1. The Grinch has taken 3/10 of 2. Cindy Lou walked 4 1/6 the town’s presents so far. He miles to the post office. Then wants to take another 1/4 she walks 2 3/4 miles to before midnight. How much the bow store. How far did of the presents will he she walk in all? have taken by midnight? 3. Max is making the Santa suit. 4. The Who’s are having a pie It takes him 6 1/2 yards of eating contest. Lou ate 5/6 of red fabric and 2 2/3 yards of his pie in one minute. Drew ate white fabric. How many more 4/5 of his and Sue ate 2/3 of yards of red fabric did hers. How much pie was eaten it take than white? during the contest?

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5. Rudolph is practicing his 6. Santa was delivering jumping skills. He practiced for presents. He flew 24 1/2 6 1/4 hours on Saturday and miles and took a cookie 3 5/6 hours of Sunday. How break. He then flew another much longer did he jump 34 3/4 miles before he needed on Saturday than Sunday? milk. How far did he fly in all so far? 7. Hermie cut a red ribbon 4 1/5 8. Bumble puts the star on a inches long and a blue ribbon Christmas tree that is 20 feet 6 1/4 inches long. What is the tall. He puts a star on another difference in length between the tree that is 17 5/6 red and blue ribbon? feet tall. How much taller was the first Christmas tree?

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9. Frosty the Snowman 10. The Magician practiced his walked with the children tricks for 5 1/8 hours before to school for 9 1/3 miles. taking a break for Then, he walked another 4 1/2 hot chocolate. He miles to the train station. What then practiced was the total distance he 2 3/4 more hours. walked? How long did he practice? 11. Karen rode on the train for 56 12. Frosty the Snowman is 25 miles. Then, she rode on Frosty 1/2 minutes long. Rudolph is 42 for 15 3/7 miles. How much 1/10 minutes long. How long further did she ride on the train would it take to watch both than on Frosty? movies?