Present Simple

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Choose the correct verb from the box to fill in each blank compressed.

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Name: ________________________ Dat e:_________________________ Si mpl ePr esent A)Chooset hecorrectverbfrom t heboxt ofi l li neachbl ank . 1)T hes un_______br iht ly. s hine s hines 2)T hes tar ts______atni ght . t winkl e t winkl es 3)I t________f unny. s ound s ounds 4)I ______wat chi ngT V. enj oy enj oys 5)He______cof feeal ot. dr ink dr inks B)Fi l li nthebl ankswi t htheverbsbel ow. Add' s't otheverb wherenecessary. fl y gi ve set roar smel l run boi l bark croak cl i mb 1)Amonkey________at ree. 2)L ions __________. 3)Abat _________atni ght . 4)F rogs ________i nsummer . 5)T heS un__________usl i ght . 6)Wat er______at100degr eeC. 7)Dogs _______ats tranger s. 8)T heS un________i nthewes t. 9)Ar ose_________s weet . 10)Har es_______f ast .