Cells Interactive Test

  1. Biology
  2. 11 Grade
  3. Melva Guerra
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Section D. Label the following numbers on the diagram of the cell [2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10] 1pt each. Section D. Short Answers – Responds to each using complete sentences only. 1. List the three statements of the cell theory. [.3pts] 2. What are two additional organelles that are found in plant cells? [2pts] 3. Name two parts of the microscope and state their function. [4pts] 4. Differentiate between osmosis and diffusion. (2pts) 5. Complete the diagrams below to show the different osmotic state as indicated in the information note attached to the diagram. [2pt each] B) Draw in the A) Now draw in the molecules on the molecules of the 1. of the right hand side substance either side partially permeable of the partially membrane, showing permeable a lower membrane to show concentration of the that an equilibrium substance compared has been reached to the left hand side. due to diffusion.

Worksheet Image