Cell organelles color by number

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© 2017 Tammy Morehouse Teacher Key Name _______________________________________________________ Date ______________________ Plant & Animal Cell Coloring Page For each question, there is one correct answer and a color associated with that answer. On the coloring page, each question number section should be filled in with that color! 1 6 Substances enter any plant or animal cell After proteins are made, they must be by passing through which of the following sorted and packaged in preparation for structures? use by the cell. Where does this take place? nucleus cell mitochondria endoplasmic cell wall Golgi bodies membrane reticulum BLACK PURPLE YELLOW PINK RED PINK 2 7 Many animals have internal or external When an animal eats, food stays in the stomach skeletons that provide support and for a period of time. When a unicellular organism, such as paramecium, takes in food, structure. Which of the following parts of the food is contained in which organelle? plant cells play a similar role? cell walls chloroplast chlorophyll vacuole chloroplast vesicle LIGHT GREEN LIGHT BLUE RED LIGHT BLUE YELLOW ORANGE 3 8 Which part of a plant cell is responsible The jellylike material that makes up much for controlling the activities of the other of a cell inside the cell membrane, and, in parts of the cell? eukaryotic cells, surrounds the nucleus. vacuole ribosome nucleus cytoplasm vacuoles mitochondria RED BLACK BROWN YELLOW BROWN ORANGE 4 9 This organelle act as a digestive site where enzymes are stored that break This organelle is found in plant cells and is down large molecules and waste. the site of photosynthesis. mitochondria lysosome centriole chloroplast Golgi bodies cytoplasm BROWN ORANGE PINK DARK GREEN ORANGE BLACK 5 10 There are two types of this organelle, Compared to a skin cell, a muscle cell is rough and smooth. It plays a part in the likely to have more making of protein and lipids (fats.) chlorophyll mitochondria vesicles nucleus endoplasmic ribosomes reticulum RED RED LIGHT GREEN PURPLE DARK BLUE DARK BLUE