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CAT Level 4: Grade 7 READING Vocabulary Do items 1-24 and mark the best definitions for the bolded text. 1 abnormal result 2 grimy dishes 3 prior meeting strange fragile tense exact filthy successful expected old important false empty previous 4 destroy the tower 5 seek vengeance 6 confusing question break wealth puzzling climb revenge interesting visit war written build payment repeated 7 secure place 8 cease war 9 gritty water safe join frozen empty win gray quiet start sandy distant stop pouring 10 communicate directly 11 genius boy 12 take a vow talk strong surprise travel handsome job agree talented promise send tall break 13 catch a burglar 14 happy occasion 15 resume work cold place dislike bird memory continue train event apply thief relationship seek 16 potential effect 17 wide fissure 18 crimson stripes possible distance small important crack bright unlikely area red dangerous pond blue 19 ascend the stairs 20 yellow pigment 21 small flaw climb piglet flower clean color river count flower wing fall liquid imperfection * 22 difficult riddle 23 occur monthly 24 colloquial language road happen foreign recipe travel informal puzzle payment difficult work cook second Page 2 Copyright © 2018 by Academic Excellence, Inc. All rights reserved.

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READING Comprehension Read the text below, then turn to the following page and choose the best answer for each item. Electricity is a fascinating part of our modern world. Walk into a room, flip a switch, and the entire room is lit up. Almost every room in the modern American home has something that is charged with electricity. From computers, phones, and televisions to vacuums, blenders, toasters, and more — all need electricity to function. So how do all of these electronics receive their power? Through the transfer of electrons. Any electrical device in your home is going to run off of an electrical circuit. This circuit is like a channel, made of wire that electrons can float through. When you attach these wires to a power source, like a battery, it gives the electrons voltage, so they can move. When the electrons move through the wire and reach an electrical device, it powers up and is ready to work. An important note about electrical circuits is the way in which they function. The word circuit is similar to the the word "circle." This is helpful to remember because this is how circuits work. The wire must run from the electrical power source to the device, and then back to the power source, creating a circle. This allows the electrons to travel to the device and back from it. Most electronics have an on/off switch to control the power flowing to the device. When the switch is off, it creates a break in the circle, which prevents the electrons from circulating back and forth. When the switch is turned on, it completes the circuit (closing the break), allowing the electrons to flow back and forth from the power source. Page 3 Copyright © 2018 by Academic Excellence, Inc. All rights reserved.

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READING Comprehension 1 This article is about 2 How do electronic devices 3 When the wires are receive their power? attached to a power source, electrons it gives the electrons flipping a switch electricity plugging them in electricity circuits transfer of electricity voltage light switches wires circuit circles 4 What happens when the 5 In order for a circuit to work, the 6 When the electrical switch electrons reach an electrons need to flow to the is off, there is a electrical device? device and beak in the circuit the device breaks down stop at the device electricity is flowing the device turns off go to another device voltage is on powers the device travel back to the power electricity is down voltage appears source disappear 7 The articles compares the word “circuit” with the word channel court circus circle Page 4 Copyright © 2018 by Academic Excellence, Inc. All rights reserved.