CAT Mock test - Grade 7 - Methematics


READING Comprehension 1 This article is about 2 How do electronic devices 3 When the wires are receive their power? attached to a power source, electrons it gives the electrons flipping a switch electricity plugging them in electricity circuits transfer of electricity voltage light switches wires circuit circles 4 What happens when the 5 In order for a circuit to work, the 6 When the electrical switch electrons reach an electrons need to flow to the is off, there is a electrical device? device and beak in the circuit the device breaks down stop at the device electricity is flowing the device turns off go to another device voltage is on powers the device travel back to the power electricity is down voltage appears source disappear 7 The articles compares the word “circuit” with the word channel court circus circle Page 4 Copyright © 2018 by Academic Excellence, Inc. All rights reserved.

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