CAT Mock Test- Grade 4 Reading

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CAT Level 3: Grade 4 READING Vocabulary Do items 1-24 and mark the best definitions for the bolded text. 1 large cavern 2 harsh winter 3 active child town hard lazy cave mild cute mountain early busy dinner fun smart 4 shatter a window 5 imitate the artist 6 amazing story break clap funny shade meet awesome paint laugh real close copy sad 7 timid puppy 8 demonstrate joy 9 assist a teacher playfull show listen small hide meet shy feel help brown make ask 10 deep slumber 11 consume lunch 12 revoke the power sleep cook gift bed eat take away party late strong fort dress up make 13 small chamber 14 large portion 15 glisten brightly puddle oven sing blanket piece color bag plate shine room cup hear 16 precious stone 17 fierce animal 18 plunge into the water hard big drop valuable strong throw pretty furry swim cold hungry pour 19 delicate skin 20 plead for help 21 typical day soft offer boring dark ask exciting wet pay long tough plan usual 22 distant city 23 fasten the belt 24 select a book far away take off choose big attach read busy change buy famous quick write Page 2 Copyright © 2018 by Academic Excellence, Inc. All rights reserved.

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READING Comprehension Read the text below, then turn to the following page and choose the best answer for each item. One of the greatest desires James had was to own a dog. His parents told him that if he could earn money and take care of the dog, they would allow him to adopt one. James worked selling newspapers during the week and mowed lawns on the weekends. After six months, James had enough money to adopt a puppy and buy a dog house. James spent the next week going down to the animal shelter and talking to the volunteers about every dog they had for adoption. There were small dogs, big dogs, hairy dogs, and loud dogs. The one that James liked the most was a little puppy dachshund. It was only six months old. James paid $100 for the little dachshund and $50 for a dog house. He also bought two dog bowls for food and water, and a collar with a name tag. After one day, James had already decided the best name for his new puppy: Cowboy. The moment James put a bandana on the dachshund, the puppy looked just like a cowboy. Page 3 Copyright © 2018 by Academic Excellence, Inc. All rights reserved.

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READING Comprehension 1 Who is the story about? 2 What did James want to 3 James earned money by have? Mark baby sitting James candy mowing lawns volunteers bike selling candy dogs newspapers washing cars dog 4 Where did James get 5 James also bought two 6 Cowboy was what kind his dog? of dog? bowls pet store bones bulldog animal shelter toys German Shepherd neighbor dog houses dachshund friend poodle Page 4 Copyright © 2018 by Academic Excellence, Inc. All rights reserved.