Unit 23 - Bullet trains lvl m quiz

  1. Literature
  2. 6 Grade
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LEVEL M Benchmark Passage Quick Check Bullet Trains Name Date Instructions: Read each question carefully and choose the best answer. 1. What is the main idea of 4. What is the author’s purpose the passage? for writing the passage? A Bullet trains move at speeds A to give readers information of up to 300 miles an hour. about bullet trains B Bullet trains are useful B to persuade readers to start for traveling between riding bullet trains to school cities quickly. C to help readers understand C Bullet trains are the best how to catch bullet trains trains in the world. D to entertain readers with D Bullet trains are found stories of bullet trains in Japan and Europe. 5. What is a likely reason why bullet 2. What happened in the 1960s? trains first became popular in small countries with large cities? A Many countries built bullet trains. A Bullet trains let people travel easily from city B People began using the to city in small countries. first bullet trains. C Bullet trains traveled between B Large countries already have Japan and Europe. faster trains than bullet trains. D Companies moved all of their C People dislike moving quickly bullet trains into cities. in large countries. D Bullet trains are harder 3. Which word means the land to build in small countries and scenery of an area out with small cities. in the country? A countries B cities C countryside D farmland © Learning A–Z All rights reserved. www.readinga-z.com