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What do you know about Dubai?

Dubai was unlivable even 20 years ago.

People lived in Dubai 30 years ago.

Dubai has never gotten any World records.

Dubai hold more than 300 world records.

No foreigners have even lived in Dubai.

More foreigners live in Dubai than local people.

Dubai don't have any flowers as it far to hot, the heat kills them.

Dubai has the worlds largest flower gardens.

Dubai has a set of pyramids that float on water.

Dubai has a set of islands in the shape of a palm tree.

Dubai is only country in the world who don't have taxes on goods or luxury items.

Dubai has the highest taxes on buying goods and luxury items.

would your ever live in Dubai?

would you only visit Dubai for a holiday?

On average it rain's about 25 days per year in Dubai

Rain fall's on average 250 days every year in Dubai.

creator Kim Nowicka, English tutoring