Grammar & Speaking (Questions)

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  2. F Akhdar
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The Tans have got three cars.

Example: everyone/is/ready

Is everyone ready?

do /batteries /sell / you

belong /phone /does / this / to / who

are /here /how / long / staying / you

are / flights / full / of / the / which

been /have /where / you

Halimah works at the supermarket.

Write the questions to which the underlined words are the answers.

Example: Liza is going to Kuala Lumpur by train.

How is Liza going to Kuala Lumpur?

Syikin is learning English because she wants to help her children.

The class will take place next Tuesday.

Mr Johnson's phone was ringing.

Syikin is at a job interview. Someone is asking her questions. Write the question.

Interviewer: Where do you live?

Syikin: Oh, I live in Singapore.




NARRATOR: Once upon a time in a hut by the sea there lived once a fisherman and his wife. The fisherman used to go down every day to fish; and he would fish and fish. One day he pulled a big fish out of the water. The fish told him.


FISH: Listen, fisherman. Please let me go; I am not a real fish, I am an enchanted Prince. What good will it do if you get rid of me.?. I will not taste nice.  Put me back into the water and let me swim away.


MAN: Well, I don´t like a fish that talks. Swim away!.


NARRATOR: With these words he put him back again into the shining water, and the fish sank to the bottom. Then the fisherman got up, and went home to his wife in the hut.


WIFE: Husband, did you catch a fish?.


MAN: I caught a fish who said he was an enchanted prince, so I let him swim away.




Syikin: I'm 33 years old.

Syikin: Yes, I went to university.

Syikin: My interests? I like to read books and watch dramas.

Syikin: Which company? Oh, I used to work for Starhub.