Bill Nye Video Quiz Energy

  1. Science
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Bill Nye Video Quiz- Energy Directions: As you watch the video, please answer the following questions. 1. When we do something, like open a door, we use ______________. 2. Energy comes in all different ______________, like sound, heat, and electricity. 3. Energy can be ______________ from one form to another. 4. When energy is stored, we call it ______________ energy 5. When energy is moving, we call it ______________ energy 6. Mixing baking soda and vinegar causes a cork to pop off because ______________ energy is changed to moving energy. 7. Energy makes things ______________. 8. The kinetic energy of a swinging bowling ball will never be bigger than its ______________ energy. 9. We can use the energy of falling water to make ______________. 10.The ______________ is beaming energy to the earth all day and night. 11.A ______________ converts electrical energy into heat energy. 12.One of the biggest sources of energy that we use is ______________. 13.We get energy from the ______________ we eat. 14.The energy we get from food began as ______________ energy from the sun. 15.Whenever energy is converted from one form to another a little bit of it ends up as ______________.