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Name:__________________________________________________________Date:_________ ________Period:_____ Europe Day 6 Quiz Matching - write the letter of the term on the appropriate line ______1. Believe in reincarnation based on karma A. Industrial Revolution B. Hinduism ______2. Trade, jobs, factories C. Immigration D. Economy ______3. Millions moved to the U.S. to find a job ______4. America got rich from manufacturing products in factories Multiple Choice - select the most appropriate answer _____5. Which word best describes the standard of living found in most European countries? A. high B. medium C. low D.underdeveloped _____6. The establishment of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe has caused _________ to be the most practiced religion in the region. A. Hinduism B. Islam C. Christianity D.Inuit All rights reserved © 2020 Lowman Consulting LLC

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